Templers Park

Templer’s Park, I’ve always imagined it to be the overcrowded waterfall with filth and stinking toilets everywhere, and have not been there for at least 20 something years.

lovely stream along the trail
However, a friend called and said he knew a jungle trek there where few people bothered to walk. So we went, the same 8 adults and 11 children. I must say, it was really a beautiful, serene walk in the forest. We trekked 45 minutes along the peaceful meandering stream, heard lots of bird calls, chanced upon a giant millipede and finally arrived at a beautiful waterfall. The best thing was that, we had the WHOLE falls to ourselves. Totally lovely and refreshing! We’ll be back there and have identified a possible camping site.
the lowest part of the several tiers waterfall...heard it's 7 tier?
twas my favourite jacuzzi spot! COLD, shivering STRONG water...totally refreshing. Best part is it has a little space behind the water...
 in the "jacuzzi"
Getting behind into the space behind the water. I tried it, and it's shiveringly cold and powerful when the water hits you! brrr....
Almost behind the water in that space. It's an awesome experience. you get to hear the very powerful n LOUD sound of water rushing...while breathing in pure oxygen....while shivering your butt off!
finally, the most awesome thing I saw there..even took a video of it!! it's a blue wasp, called the blue mud dauber I think...and it's injected its venom into the widow spider..and dragging it to its nest! really cool!

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