Making Socks Bunny

Because Easter's this coming weekend,  I noticed a few blogs posting Easter related craft projects, one of which is the Socks Bunny.

I decided to give it a go, and decided to try a really easy version. 

1) Stuff the bottom part of the sock, leaving the "heel" section of the sock unstuffed for the moment. Twist slightly, and using a needle and thread sew the stuffing in. (I sewed a loop around the sock, pulled it tight, and used the thread to go several rounds around it as well.) This creates the bunny's body.

Nel's first attempt at stitching and she did it pretty well!
 2) Squish a little stuffing at the end of the body to create the tail, sew another tight loop.

Notice the "heel" section of the sock is unstuffed? Also you can see how the bunny's going to be already.
   3) Stuff the "heel" section of the sock, sew another loop to form the head. I also used a little stitch to attach the bunny head to the body so it is upright and not drooping forward.

4) here I snipped some cloth away in the center to create the rabbit's ears.

5) then I stitched the open bits together. My girls chose to leave the ears unstitched to create a droopy effect.

Ears stitched
 6) Attach eyes, ribbon or whatever you want. I've seen some people attach whiskers and nose. We just left it this way.

This is Nel's almost done.  She did it completely by herself! and named it Blaster.
Here's Zillary (the pink bunny, name given by Jo) and Pixel (my old white sock bunny.)

This is Junee's cutie rabbit.

And here's them all. Best friends forever. haha...
@Martha, 2011

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