Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

well we spent a whole day at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary . It was a hot day, and 5 families went with us. Had our picnic at the site and at about 12 the show began. First we watched as they bathed the elephant

Elephant enjoying the bath

If you prebook, and when water level is not high, you can actually ride the elephants into the river before getting dunked.

During feeding time. You get to go up close and feed the elephants with the fruits provided.
Feeding the elephant
Riding time. Here's the man preparing the elephant. If you notice, no carriage. You just sit on the elephant and hang on tight to the man, and feel the elephant's very prickly hair tickle your thighs! :)  If you plan to go on a weekend, you need to prebook the ride as well!

During our visit they also brought out two REALLY cute, ADORABLE baby elephants, which the children, especially Jo REALLY loved. (they are orphans rescued from the forest.)
My children's favourite - Baby Elephants

Finally, if I've anything to say, it'd be STOP illegal logging, and safe the rainforest. I'm passionate about nature, and I feel sad when their (animals) homes are being destroyed. Why are we destroying God's beautiful creation?
The complete set of photos can be found at flickr where I post my pictures

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