Pottery in Segambut

How wonderful it is to allow children to feel what clay is like, and how it feels to mould that soft, formless clay into something specific, something special. (Just like how God formed each of us into someone unique! )

The teacher Mr. Cheah, is a wonderful, patient teacher who handles children really well. When we were there, he started off by telling us what clay was made off, its composition (silica and alumina).  He told us about colours, about how to FEEL the clay, to gauge its balance, thickness, to pinch it gently, score it, shape it etc etc. Very detailed and informative class!

You will have to go back a second time after completing your project to glaze and paint your work of art. Altogether he charged us RM50 per person, which was really worth it, considering the hours he spent with us!

(I highly recommend his classes. His shop is in Segambut, he can usually be contacted between classes, somewhere during lunch time at this number : 017 8812265 )(he's not paying me for this advert) :)

these are for the advance student (Many Japanese students there)

Mr. Cheat cutting clay for us. He was very generous with the ammount of clay given!

Showing us the different types of clay
After finishing their pots and vases, some of the children decided to embark on more creative projects. :)


  1. Hi,
    I am interested to get my kids experience this. Thanks for sharinf teh phone#. I need some clarification though.

    1. The RM50, does it includes the 2nd visit where we need to need to paint and glaze the piece we made?

    2. Does he impose minimum number of participants. Does he takes 2 participants only?

    Looking forward for ur reply.

  2. Hi Dinah, if I remember correctly, there will be one more charge for firing. That is charged according to weight of pottery. Yu can have more than 2 but inform him ahead of time. If you're trying the potter's wheel, then it'll be limited to the number of wheels he has. Hope that helps.

  3. Thankyou Martha. My kids definitely will love this.