Taiping Museum

Decided to drop by the museum in Taiping after our visit to Kuala Gula. and Charcoal Factory. Like most museums here, half the museum consisted of skeletons and stuffed animals. And then there was a small but interesting section on culture.

@Martha, 2011

Dried Shrimp and Belacan Making -Kuala Gula

 Wanna see how dried shrimp is made? You get to see lots of that in Pulau Ketam.  But visit the Chinese Fishing Village near Kuala Gula, and you'll see deep orange dried shrimp, and Belacan Making. Certainly interesting and fascinating. :) To get there, follow directions as going to Kuala Gula, but instead of turning into Jalan Bersatu 1, you go another 100 metres until after the shophouses then turn left... Go straight and you'll come to the village.

Dried Shrimp-after it's boiled in some substance. Dried salted fish on rack

Belacan Making


Mr. Chuah's Charcoal Factory

If you're in Taiping, do head towards Kuala Sepetang and visit Mr. Chuah's Charcoal Factory. Call ahead for a guided tour (RM5 per person.)
To read more about our trip please visit link on my other blogpost  Mangrove Study(KGula and Charcoal Factory).
Mr. Chuah's brother explaining the process of steaming mangrove wood

The Kiln. Difficult to make apparently, and only 2 people has the secret knowledge of how this is made
To make a booking for a tour, call 0125739563. Getting there is pretty easy, it's located just about half hour from Taiping. Head towards Kuala Sepetang, and on  the main road you'll see a large signboard pointing left to Mr. Chuah's Factory.

@Martha , 2011

Kuala Gula- Perak

Kuala Gula, situated in Nothern Perak consists of mangrove, mudflats and estuaries. It's really a lovely place for bird watching. Highly recommended that you book a boat with a guide to enjoy your trip. :) We went as part of our study on  Mangrove. (Please visit link to read about the whole trip, this page is just an excerpt.)

Directions as given by friend :
From Jalan Kamunting Lama heading towards PLUS highway, turn right onto Route 1 (trunk road) instead of the toll booths..
After driving for almost 8 km, turn left onto Jalan Gula (signboards will be there).
After 17 km ++, turn left onto A196.
After 4 km ++, turn left onto Jalan Bersatu 1.

One can easily spot egrets and herons there

FLoating fish farm

Bird watching

@Martha 2011

Kids visit Petaling Street

For the fun of it, hubby decided we'd visit Petaling Street with our kids. I was a little apprehensive at first, then thought why not. So we went. As usual, Petaling Street or China Town in Kuala Lumpur, was extremely crowded. Hubby carried the younger, and I had the older tightly in my grip, so as not to loose any of them in the narrow, crowded lanes.

It was nice, kids enjoyed it. We learnt all about imitation goods and haggling. heh heh...  I saw a salesman "rip off" a tourist, selling her imitation Coach for a whopping RM200! 

Lots of tourists still..

I find the fruit stalls there very colourful...even more so under yellow light at night

Aha...imitation LeSac. Be careful with quality. Some sell really bad quality stuff, and some very good ones. Check properly before buying.
@Martha, 2011

GCC Farm Bentong

A relatively new farm in Bentong is the GCC Farm. It's a fairly new farm, with lots of work to be done.

Just a few random shots below, followed by 2 videos of goats which I enjoyed taking. :)

 The area surrounding the farm, lovely and serene.

We visited the goat pen, and this goat said "Yo mama..ain't I handsome or what!"

This one called out to me and said "yo mama...me likes you. You like me smile? I got nice teeth. yeah!"

and here's the same fella with his silly grin. hahaha..

And then em females came out and said "Yo mama leave our men alone and go find your own kind." hehe...

Video 1-Sneezing Goat.

Video 2- Testing goat reaction. hehehe..I had fun doing this, don't go thinking I'm mad now, coz i'm not..but just having fun. :) Enjoy.

Finally, if looking for no-kill Bentong Farm Sanctuary, click on following post Bentong Sanctuary Farm (LLFarm) or   Liberation Farm. @Martha , 2011