GCC Farm Bentong

A relatively new farm in Bentong is the GCC Farm. It's a fairly new farm, with lots of work to be done.

Just a few random shots below, followed by 2 videos of goats which I enjoyed taking. :)

 The area surrounding the farm, lovely and serene.

We visited the goat pen, and this goat said "Yo mama..ain't I handsome or what!"

This one called out to me and said "yo mama...me likes you. You like me smile? I got nice teeth. yeah!"

and here's the same fella with his silly grin. hahaha..

And then em females came out and said "Yo mama leave our men alone and go find your own kind." hehe...

Video 1-Sneezing Goat.

Video 2- Testing goat reaction. hehehe..I had fun doing this, don't go thinking I'm mad now, coz i'm not..but just having fun. :) Enjoy.

Finally, if looking for no-kill Bentong Farm Sanctuary, click on following post Bentong Sanctuary Farm (LLFarm) or   Liberation Farm. @Martha , 2011

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