Living on a Boat House on Tasik Kenyir (Kenyir Lake)

We spent 3 days on a boathouse out on Kenyir lake, through rainy and sunny weather. It is one of our best outdoor adventures so far. We went with 3 other families and a total of 17 children. Living on a boat house is wonderful coz it sails away (very slowly) to the cleaner section of the lake, away from noise, away from pullution. It takes you on a journey that allows you to enjoy the beauty of Kenyir. 

TO read more, please visit this link on my personal blog. Living on a Boat House Kenyir.
On the right is our Boat House..which was actually just planks kinda built together as a sort of shelter.  Because there aren't really safety planks around, I'd highly recommend you get life jackets before going, and to keep them on your children at all times.

@Martha, 2011

Making Simple Puppets

We found this lovely book on puppet making at the library. And there are all sorts of fantastic projects in it. We tried one of the simplest project from this book which is the knotted puppet

Simply cut out a piece of rag cloth. Using old paper/rags, form a ball for the head. Stuff in and tie a knot around to form the head.

Add woollen strands for hair. Then tie a knot on both sides of the cloth to form hands. Finally, place a long stick/straw beneath the cloth (hidden) for children to hold the puppet during story telling. P.S a reminder to the future, use a more suitable cloth coz this came out looking like a ghost. ;) . Also if you like, you could sew in buttons or other material to form the mouth, nose and eyes.
Cup Puppets (idea taken from same book above)

Stick your self-designed cut out clothes on a paper cup

Add a head

Draw in features, add in accessories. Here I've added a belt and used wool for hair

Stick a stick/straw under for hands to hold

All four dolls that my children and I had fun making
Cardboard Paper Doll by Jessy Phuah

This lovely doll has 2 sides, a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other.

How Jessy did it~ Cut out shape of doll on a cardboard. Make sure to also cut out a long strip beneath the doll (attached to doll) to stuff into a thick straw for hands to hold.

~ cut out material from unwanted clothings and wrap around doll to create a pretty dress. Stitch or stick in place.

~Stuff long strip beneath doll into a thick straw to strengthen it

~add woolen strands for hair and draw in the face

Here's the Happy side of the doll

and the sad side

Hope you enjoy the projects as much as we did or look for the book for more ideas, or create your own.

@Martha, 2011