Kuching Riverfront

We always enjoy walking at the riverfront looking for odd knick knacks. 

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@Martha , 2012

Padi Planting -Tanjung Karang and Padi Factory-Sekinchan

Went Padi Planting, for full post please click here for link to my personal blog.
Planting in Tanjung Karang. There's a charge of RM40 per person. To make a booking, contact De Palma Inn Kuala Selangor.

@Martha , 2011

Port Dickson Army Museum

Fun place to visit :).  Children explored old planes, jeeps, helicopters, steam engines, canons, motorbikes and even got into a tanker!

Very nice exhibits about the era of Melaka Sultans


Walking through the PKM tunnel

An Exhibit in the tunnel
For more info:
PortDickson-Army Museum

Visit to Gardenia

We've done visit to various factories, but always without my camera. This one without too, but we had a souvenir to prove we went. haha...For whole story visit link on my other blog here: Visit to Gardenia

Gardenia gave each participant these items.

@MarthaVisit to Gardenia 2011

Turtle watching

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Turtle Watching (Kuantan) and Field trip in Terengganu

and Terrapin Hatchery and Turtle Watching
Nel and Jo tagging terrapins

Turtle Watching
@Martha J., 2012