Bentong Farm Sanctuary

Bentong Farm Sanctuary is a really nice farm to visit. Really HUGE (acres of land), and run by a really passionate lover of animals! Upon arrival at the farm you'll be greeted by about 30 plus excited and friendly dogs who love visitors.

squatting down amongst the dogs is Shahrul who runs the farm. I'm really amazed at the things she does at the farm for the well being of the animals under her care.

Picture of a goat pen
Visitors are allowed to step in and pet the goats. However, these are very nervous,  timid creatures. When we moved, they moved away. Once Nel moved a little too fast, causing these goats to start running around..almost like a stampede. So be gentle with them.

Many species of cows there. This one came forward and begged to be photographed. I obliged and took a photo of her.

Then this beauty stepped forward and said "Mooo...not fair, not fair, take my photo too!!" So I obliged too and took a photo of Moo.

Then we headed  to a lovely lake specially for terrapins and tortoise. It's amazing to note the many different species. Here's 2 of the many, Box tortoise and the black marsh turtle

"Peek-a- boo"...said the Black Marsh Turtle. Unfortunately for this poor fellow, this is the best he can do at  hiding himself, unlike the Box tortoise who can hide itself totally.

Then there were 2 ponds of ducks, a whole lot of chickens, and fruit trees, and a lovely stream for a picnic too! It's unfortunate that my camera went blank at that point. My girls certainly had a lot of fun at this farm!

"Daddy..piggy back please" asked Jo, after a long day running at the farm
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To get to the farm: Get on Karak Highway, follow the Kuantan Sign. Take the very first Bentong exit and pay Tol. After the Tol, you'll come to a T Junction. Take a left, and drive along the river for about 5 Km. You'll come to a small signage which says Perting Valley Camp. Turn right there and drive on stony road. Cross a little bridge and you'll come to Lotus Liberation Sanctuary. That is the Farm itself. Do call before going.

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