4X4 and Camping adventure -Ulu Slim

River crossing obstacle

4 by 4 adventures are always exciting and bumpy!!! It makes you go "wooh..ouhhh..oohh..uughhh" all the way. Exciting! :) We did one several months ago, into Ulu Slim. There's a lovely camping site there, but unfortunately a group of people had pre booked it, so we had to make do with a smaller space. It was also unfortunately a rainy day too..so we drove in mud (more exciting for drivers!), camped in mud, cooked in muddy make-do kitchen, and  pee-ed in mud! haha.. some pictures below.

A hill where several cars actually got stuck! So much so that everyone had to gather wood to place in some very difficult, slippery patches.
The lovely campsite which was booked already by a larger group
river crossing no. 2. team member checking out path first to make sure no large boulders in between
setting up communal canvas when it started to rain
Was nice that a doctor among us gave a lecture on first aid (especially for use in the jungle)
dipping in river
Freshly brewed coffee is added luxury while camping

preparing for a BBQ..yummmmmmmm....

cool luminous blue spider on my tent

this is how muddy it got after the rain.

We camped for just one night, the night was very very cold because of the rain. Overall, an enjoyable trip! :)

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