Sky Trex Shah Alam

This was tricky, but my child enjoyed the challenge
We joined a friend of ours for a SkyTrex adventure. Since I am afraid of heights, I didn't sign up personally, but signed my kids up. :)
Well, later after looking at the children's circuit, I wished I did coz it sure looked like a lot of fun, and the circuit wasn't too high up. Anyway, SkyTrex is basically an obstacle course in the sky, well trees really. The children's one takes about 1 hour to finish (partially because you have to wait for those ahead of you.) Most kids who went with us loved it so much they each went several rounds. Here, I'll just be lazy and copy and paste from the Skytrex link

 " This little circuit consists of 23 adventure challenges with difficulty level ranging from “easy“
to “difficult“. The challenges are named after common animals behavior such as “Rubah Terbang“ (Flying Fox), “Tulang Naga“ (Dragon Bones), “Jungkit Arnab“ (Rabbit Flip-Flop) and many more. End the activity with the “70m flying fox “ which takes you across 2 lakes to the finishing point. The various challenges is guaranteed to keep the children, and also the less adventurous adults, busy but happy throughout the day. Platform height between 3m to 5m.

Time to complete: Approximately 0.5 hour for each round. Each group is entitled to 2 hours (max) of unlimited rounds
Minimum height requirement:
1.1 m

WARNING: Kids below 8 Years Old MUST be accompanied by an Adult climbing:
1 Adult for max 2 Kids below 8 Years Old

Maximum weight:
100 kg "

Well, let me conclude by saying that my children REALLy REALLY enjoyed it all!! They are already asking to go again!! The adults might try the Extreme Challenge, but I think I'll stay with my feet firmly planted on the ground.

My child doing the flying fox across the lake

Entrance time:
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays*.
From 8.30am onwards.
No minimum number of pax required.

Park will only be opened for group bookings with a minimum of 25 pax.

Rates: RM 35 for little Circuit, RM 45-55 for the adult circuit.

Tel: +601 3276 9841
Fax: +603 7960 8290


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