National Mail Center, Shah Alam

Several weeks ago, we visited the National Mail Center (Pos Malaysia) in Shah Alam. It was a very enjoyable and educational tour. The staff there were really friendly and children had a lot of hands on activities to help them understand the whole process of sorting mail before they're sent to various district post offices for delivery. To end the tour, refreshments (milo and nuggets were provided!), and everyone received a beautiful set of stamps as door gifts! I highly recommend this tour.

To organize a  tour there yourself, here's the contact info. (Whole tour takes about 11/2 to 2 hours.)

Muhammad Hafiz A Kadir | Bahagian Komunikasi Korporat | Pos Malaysia Berhad
Aras 7, Kompleks Dayabumi, 50670 Kuala Lumpur |
( : +6 (03) 2267 2206 | 7 : +6 (03) 2267 2255 | *  
: | 8:

Below, just a few shots...of just some of the machines. To view entire process do visit the place yourself.
Mail is separated in this machine which spins all letters around.
Standard sized envelopes go through this machine for stamp cancellation
Stamps on large envelopes are cancelled manually by staff.

En. Amer our guide was friendly and explained stuff in detail. He also patiently answered all our questions. :)

The computer screen provides info on number of letters processed, number rejected etc.

Many of us were fascinated with this machine. Envelopes zoomed by at super speed.

Letters that somehow weren't processed coz stamps weren't in the correct space are processed by this machine (after a staff arranges them in order)
Mail addresses are scanned and read by a machine, and then a postcode bar is printed on. The machines then drop letters into various compartments based on postcode.

Our kids helped place tags into the boxes below before placing them in right compartments to "collect" letters.
Mails that have been placed in correct boxes are sent on the ramp..

where it goes up to who knows where coz I wasn't paying attention here. Sorry. :|

Mail ready to be delivered to district post offices. Mails to East Malaysia are placed in bags.

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