Bird watching again, more than 10,000 birds this time!

 Unsatisfied with last bird watching we decided to try again. Amazing, estimated about 10,000 birds, and with a great variety of birds this time! Just simply breathtaking. This place unfortunately is off limits, but you may go in when Pesta Sayap is on, or with written request ahead of time.

For the full post, with videos of the  amazing sight,  kindly visit my other blog here Bird Watching Again

Address if you'd like to write in for permission:
Tn. Hj Sohaimi Subahir
Stesen Janaelektrik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz,
Beg Berkunci 220,
Jalan Tok Muda
42200 Kapar,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

@Martha, 2011

Bird Watching Kapar Power Station

Kapar Power Station opens once a year during the Festival of Wings. For more pics, hop over to my other blog here at BIrd Watching KaparPS

@Martha , 2011

Children exploring Jelita Ostrich Farm, Seremban

Feeding the pretty goats there
We've been to Jelita Ostrich Farm in Seremban twice in 2010, and both times we loved it. What I like about it is that it is huge with acres of green green grass. If you book ahead, they'll provide a tour guide who'll take you on an educational tour, all about ostriches. For instance, I learned that a male ostrich has a red line on its beak, as if wearing lipstick; and that ostriches are the only birds with only 2 toes (and Emu has 3).
They've also got ostriches of different ages, and of course my girls went oooh and aaahhs over the baby ostriches. :)

On a non crowded day, one may choose to ride an ostrich. Children must be always held by an adult as a tumble from an ostrich can be nasty! Though I felt uncomfortable about riding an ostrich, I gave it a shot since I was dared.  Well, they taught me how to balance on an ostrich, which is to hang on to the feathers and sit really way back on the ostrich, slouching forward, then balance. This went against my instinct which was to sit close to the ostrich's neck to avoid falling off the back. was quite a ride!
If you go on a crowded day, they'll just put people off and on the ostrich just for photo shoot. (poor ostrich I know..)
Finally, if you do go, go early in the morning as it can get very hot. They also sell Ostrich Satay, omelet and other skin care and health products, all derived from the ostrich in some way.

Testing the strength of Ostrich Eggs. However, the guide said, there's no guarantee the eggs will not break.

Feeding baby Ostrich. Be careful though, once an adult ostrich started running towards Lil Jo, who panicked a little. (hehe..) And yeah, standing among the tall ostriches  had me imagining for a moment that I was among dinosaurs!

Helping dd onto an ostrich before riding round the ring

Collecting cert after the ride

Entrance fee: Adult (RM8), Child (RM6)
Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm

Jelita Ostrich Farm.
Lot 1504, Batu 6, Mukim Pantai, Jalan Jelebu,, 71770 Seremban, Malaysia

Tel : 06-767 0707

Children at FRIM canopy Walkway

We enjoy going to FRIM. . We've been there several times and usually we head out there really early morning before it gets too crowded. A nice place to hang out is at their little waterfall, shallow and like all waterfalls, refreshing. :)

At the Canopy Walk itself. For more info visit
The Canopy Walkway at FRIM is  definitely worth a visit. Just be warned that it can get very crowded on weekends and you might have to queue. Do take note that the opening hours are 9.30am – 2.30 pm except on Mondays and Fridays and the last registration is at 1.30 pm. You'll have to purchase a ticket at the office before trekking to the start of the walk. To get to the canopy walk,  you'll have to hike/trek uphill for about half hour to 11/2 hours (depending on your fitness level), some parts may be quite steep for the unfit. As always, I had super bribes to get my youngest going. *wink* It also helps to have other families or friends come along and that always motivates the kids to walk happily without whining. :)

Apart from trekking to the canopy walk, one can also take a long, beautiful walk to the waterfall instead of driving right to it. We always enjoy that walk, and once we walked that path with some good friends from France, in pouring rain! A day I will never forget, certainly filled with laughter, for how often does one get to walk in rain with good friends. :)  (To read more, click on READ More link below)