Children at FRIM canopy Walkway

We enjoy going to FRIM. . We've been there several times and usually we head out there really early morning before it gets too crowded. A nice place to hang out is at their little waterfall, shallow and like all waterfalls, refreshing. :)

At the Canopy Walk itself. For more info visit
The Canopy Walkway at FRIM is  definitely worth a visit. Just be warned that it can get very crowded on weekends and you might have to queue. Do take note that the opening hours are 9.30am – 2.30 pm except on Mondays and Fridays and the last registration is at 1.30 pm. You'll have to purchase a ticket at the office before trekking to the start of the walk. To get to the canopy walk,  you'll have to hike/trek uphill for about half hour to 11/2 hours (depending on your fitness level), some parts may be quite steep for the unfit. As always, I had super bribes to get my youngest going. *wink* It also helps to have other families or friends come along and that always motivates the kids to walk happily without whining. :)

Apart from trekking to the canopy walk, one can also take a long, beautiful walk to the waterfall instead of driving right to it. We always enjoy that walk, and once we walked that path with some good friends from France, in pouring rain! A day I will never forget, certainly filled with laughter, for how often does one get to walk in rain with good friends. :)  (To read more, click on READ More link below)

Finally some shots, actually just 3, coz I somehow do not have many of the place. Perhaps too busy chatting with good friends. :)

Some children enjoying at the falls

Saw this and was captivated

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