Cold Camping

We went camping somewhere in Pahang..this time at a high altitude. Oohhh...all I can say is that it was shiveringly cold at night!!! We kept warm around the Korean BBQ wok and the adults had some nice wine to keep warm. Huh..yeah, 5 star camping with wine. :)  Just a few pics below. Next time before I camp in higher altitude it will be wiser to first invest in a thermal bed pad.

Early morn at campsite

Despite the cold, our friend was trying to be a hero here, dressed only in a caftan. Later she came to me with freezing hands!!

I think these are prayer flags?

 Lotsa pitcher plants here, we found about 3 different species. Hope it will be preserved and save from poachers.

Our campground.. and oh yeah, this place is Fantastic fo Star Gazing too!

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