Camping Latar Seminyang

Another lovely weekend spent camping with some good friends. Some photos below. Enjoy. :)

You  need a 4x4 to get to this place

Easy road in the beginning
Road gets muddy
Obstacles such as this boulder to cross. Fortunately for these drivers, getting scratches and knocks means making it worth the investment put into the trucks! I guess the dents and scratches give em a story to tell?
Lovely river right by our camp ground
Jo loves mushrooms and pink and pointed out this to me.
A spider...called..err...daddy long legs??
alright! Tents all set up! :)
Trekking to the falls, lotsa boulders to cross. All the children did very well! :) Proud of them.

Even little ones went with us. Here's big brother helping little bro cross this path.
There were a few steep slopes, but exciting. A few people collected souvenirs, or rather the leeches collected blood for their blood bank as we crossed their path. Jo actually had a tiger leech on her thigh.
But see..the leeches and jungle trek are worth it, just to see this beautiful, huge and refreshing falls!!

Fun for children = playing with torchlights and spade under open sky by the river

Enjoying the simple things, chilling in  hammock by the river

Making new friends and hanging out by the wonderful :)

Early Morn by our campsite

Overall just such an exciting and wonderful trip with good friends and good food! Yeah! Temperature at night was about 21 degrees, lovely! Looking forward to next adventure.
@Martha . 2011

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