Mr. Chuah's Charcoal Factory

If you're in Taiping, do head towards Kuala Sepetang and visit Mr. Chuah's Charcoal Factory. Call ahead for a guided tour (RM5 per person.)
To read more about our trip please visit link on my other blogpost  Mangrove Study(KGula and Charcoal Factory).
Mr. Chuah's brother explaining the process of steaming mangrove wood

The Kiln. Difficult to make apparently, and only 2 people has the secret knowledge of how this is made
To make a booking for a tour, call 0125739563. Getting there is pretty easy, it's located just about half hour from Taiping. Head towards Kuala Sepetang, and on  the main road you'll see a large signboard pointing left to Mr. Chuah's Factory.

@Martha , 2011