Kuala Gula- Perak

Kuala Gula, situated in Nothern Perak consists of mangrove, mudflats and estuaries. It's really a lovely place for bird watching. Highly recommended that you book a boat with a guide to enjoy your trip. :) We went as part of our study on  Mangrove. (Please visit link to read about the whole trip, this page is just an excerpt.)

Directions as given by friend :
From Jalan Kamunting Lama heading towards PLUS highway, turn right onto Route 1 (trunk road) instead of the toll booths..
After driving for almost 8 km, turn left onto Jalan Gula (signboards will be there).
After 17 km ++, turn left onto A196.
After 4 km ++, turn left onto Jalan Bersatu 1.

One can easily spot egrets and herons there

FLoating fish farm

Bird watching

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