Pulau Ketam - Klang, Selangor

Part of bringing up my children is to allow them to experience different lifestyles, culture and environment.
Children need to learn through experience. Don't be afraid to let them experience the jungle, wildlife, remote villages, different culture, people etc. Children shouldn't be made/forced to sit at their desks and books all the time. They need to explore the world hands on!

 Some time back, we visited Pulau Ketam together with several families. It was a wonderful experience. Initially my Youngest's reaction was "this place is dirty, hot and I feel sweaty!" However, as we walked the pavements, from town center to the housing area, across bridges and water, her view changed. She began to enjoy it.

My older girl liked it from the start, she said "I like it, coz I like to experience 'new worlds.' "  We talked with some of the villagers, got entertained by a chubby little boy who did Chinese opera for us,watched mud skippers and colourful swamp crabs and of course, we ATE and ATE!

You have to be only careful of one thing..the bicycles! They are everywhere as that is the only mode of transportation there. We saw the cyclists there:

- carry between 1 to 4 other passengers on the same bicycle. (I saw 2 mums and 2 kids on one!)
- carry huge gas tanks in front and passenger at the back.
- hold an umbrella while cycling over uneven planks, and sometimes very narrow planks across the river without falling in.
- create imaginative gears for your bike to put stuff in, and to carry passengers.

 Anyways..we're plannin a return trip soon, for an Eco Tour, to see the fish farm as well as to try our luck at fishing. Will update when we do.

Children exploring the world of mud skippers, swamp crabs, fish.. I love the way children learn..and we must provide them the opportunity to learn through experiencing, observing, listening and doing.

Fisherman mending his nets

old man was collecting metal from junk

 a guaranteed way to stay in touch with your spouse..cycle them everyday ;P

love the colour here..

 old barber who cuts hair using old tools and old mirrors

How dried prawns are produced

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