Kuching- Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village  is a place you must visit if you're in Kuching. It's a place where you and your family can get to experience a bit of the ethnic diversity found in Sarawak.

My children really enjoy this place. We've been there several times, and they get excited everytime we go. They've tried all sorts of ethnic musical instruments displayed there, tasted different types of goodies baked/cooked there, and Nel even went up on stage to dance the native dance and you'll see in one of the pictures, she got dressed up like them too. :)
One of the houses...Bidayuh i think

model of a headhunter's house. you see skulls hanging on the inside.
Man playing the Sape. He actually hand carves sapes and sells them. I was tempted to get one, but he didn't have one readily for sale. He also showed us how he uses wild honey to stick the frets in place.

See all these half made sapes? fully booked. The shop outside only sells souvenir ones. I would like to get a real one. He said to try on my next trip. Fingers crossed, I'll be the proud owner of one next time.

My little girl all dressed up. We paid RM10 to borrow the costumes
Lady showing us how weaving a mat is done
Finally if you're there, don't forget to catch the Cultural Show which goes on twice a day. That's always a fun show to watch.
(more to come on places to visit in Kuching- such as Sematan, GGading Rafflesia, Orang Utan Sanctuary)
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