Pantai Remis - Klang, Selangor

My dad, who made us beautiful, huge, magnificent kites when me and my bro were young, decided he wanted to share his passion for kites with his grandchildren. So he invited us for an evening at Pantai Remis.

You'll know when you arrive, coz it's usually busy with people, LOTS and LOTS of stalls selling food, kites, fresh seafood, shells etc.

The beach there is partly sandy and MOSTLY MUDDY! it's an excellent place for digging for mussels, lalas, cockershells. (oh yeah, fishing too!) children enjoyed flying kites for a while, but in the end abandoned the kites for something more TEMPTING,--------> MUD! MUD! MUD!I remember warning my children before leaving home "DO NOT WET YOUR CLOTHES!" It never occured to me that the warning should have been "DO NOT GET YOURSELF DIRTY!" and thus this is what happened..............

first muddy hands.....and feet...

then muddy dress..... and the ultimate...muddy spots on face! *uughh!*
So you know, if you have very inquisitive kids who don't mind some/a lot of dirt...beware! haha...Overall, P Remis is an ordinary beach, I give it a rating of C- or D. A little dangerous coz of the cars parked on the beach and Mat Rempits.
However, SUNSET there is REALLY beautiful, I think lovely for artists and photographers.!
Child watching the sunset

On a good day..the sunset is breathtaking!

For cleaning up, there are toilets nearby. Anyway as for going back there......I'd say maybe..... but when I asked my children if they'd go back, they  answered with a loud YES

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