Endau Rompin

(bits taken from post March 2010 on previous blog)
 Endau Rompin,  I have wonderful memories of the time we had there. I miss that place. The whole vacation was just absolutely beautiful….Beautiful weather, the sound of the gurgling river right beside our camping ground, the singing of the gibbon early in the morning, the funny “three tone” toad as I call it coz of it’s song…the singing of the insects…the cool weather...all created such a  Magical  place.
Our tents all set up

There are several trails there, each taking you to a different waterfall. Do ask your guide which would be more suitable for your children's age. Also, it is wise to trust your guide more than the information given at the office in Bekok. Your guide will know more! We trusted the office at Bekok and ended up on a very long, tiring and strenuous trek for children. So tiring that our youngest trekker Du (aged 4) fell asleep and his dad had to carry him out, and we arrived back at campsite almost dark!  Thank goodness we had sufficient food and water, plus change of clothes. It is always better to have extra food/water on a long trail then too little.   The waterfalls there are worth the trek! but just remember that waterfalls can be dangerous and take extra caution with your children

A nest of millipedes which we saw while trekking

Our guide cooling down in the middle of the falls (Takah Berangin). Some of us topped up water at this fall too.
What did our children do every night? They visited each other’s tents, had  fun doing shadow shows, playing with  torchlights, building sand castles at night and telling jokes and stories.
Refusing to sleep they played late into the night under the clear moonlit sky... So lovely to hear the giggling and laughter of children playing their hearts out..

We went during Cap Goh Mei and had a FULL moon to brighten the nights

We set this up to attract insects. Later kids used it as platform for shadow skits :)

I’ll definitely be there again…… When I asked the children “do you want to come back here again?” All 11 children shouted with a unifying “YES!!!!”

children feeding fish before jumping in to swim

Finally if you plan to go, you'll need to prebook your campsite. There will be a fee per camper, and guide fees (compulsory.) You'll also need a 4 wheel drive to get in there, or hire the ones provided there. They'll drive you in, but I hear the charges are rather steep.

Finally if you're gonna go on the trails there, you need to be extra prepared in case you take longer then intended. We brought with us:
-Extra Water
-Lots of food (we trekked a total of 6 hours!)
-Enegy bars, chocolates
-First Aid
-Change of clothes
-Mosi Guard
-Trekking poles/sticks..whatever you call em. (this came in useful when my bro sprained both ankles coming down a steep slope)
-torch light (also useful coz we came out later than expected)
-Camera for the amazing things you'll see on  the way.
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