Frasers Hill - trekking

My children and I love  Frasers Hill. We love it for many reasons such as its fresh and tranquil air, bird watching, butterflies, paddock and of course Nature trails. There are several trails there, I've marked the ones we've been to in yellow.  We've hiked these trails since my children were as young as 3, and each  time we hike we spot different plants, animals and insects. The trails never fail to amaze and wonder us.

Here is the list of trails on Frasers.
  • Rompin Trail (500 m)
  • Kindersly Trail (750m)
  • Bishop's Trail. (1500m) 
  • Maxwell Trail (1800m)
  • (Hemmant Trail 1000m) (we love this trail because of its pitcher plants)
  • Abu Suradi Trail (500m)
  • Mager Trail (1000m)
  • Pine Tree Trail. (5000m) The most challenging trail on Frasers (  for post on this, please visit my other blogpost -Trekking Pine and Bishop   )
Many people will tell you they got through these trails in less than 20 mins with nothing to see. Well, it's not about speed when you're trekking these trails! If you take your time in trekking, walk slowly and silently, stop, observe and listen, you'll see and hear lots!!

Here are some shots taken around Frasers Hill.
    Stag Beetle
    I know not the species....but it's a spider nevertheless... ;)
Giant millipede. So far we've seen this species in 3 colours, reddish brown, dark brown and black
lots of fungus and colourful mushrooms on Frasers. The most unique I've seen (can't find the photo) was a large yellow mushroom.

We watched this spider spin its web around its prey
I really need a book to help me identify these spiders by name ;P
Tree Frog's eggs!
We called this starwars spider..looks like Darth Vader, don't you think? ;)

another unnamed spider
Leaf Insect

Frasers Hill boasts an amazing variety of moths and butterflies

Spider going for catch of the day

We trekked again, and here's my second post- Pine and Bishop Trail

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  1. wow! Thanks for the info. I'm just afraid I would scream when i come across all those creepy crawlies.

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