You'll know you've arrived in Sematan when you see these shops.

Sematan is quiet fishing village almost at the tip of West Sarawak, about an hour and a half's drive from Kuching. Here time stands still.. things are slow going. This little town is famous for its never ending stretches of beach, seafood!, padi fields, pepper farms and fishing of course! It's also a place where fish mongers go to collect the catch of the day before heading to markets around Kuching.

I enjoyed our short stay there, simply because of the peace and quiet.
Here's some shots from the town of Sematan.
Heavenly seafood for very very cheap. Half of what we pay in town.
Tranquility.... not a soul in sight except us....and the sand flies. haha...
The Red House... by a beach near Lunduk free spirited girl...running by the waters...into the sunset...
village roads that seem to lead to nowhere

beautiful pepper farms

little J searching for shell

shells shells...beautiful shells..

So if you're in Kuching and long for some head out there to Sematan. You can stay at Palm Beach Resort, which offers cosy chalets.

@Flourpaint, 2011


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