Jadi Batek - KL

I last posted about our wonderful Batik learning experience at Uncle Sam's Batik, where you get to learn Batik Painting hands on with a very good artist, who's also a very dedicated and patient teacher.

Well, here's another Batik center we found, Jadi Batek. I'd say, the experience there  was really worth the time and money as well. Price ranges from 30RM to 100++RM, depending on cloth size.

Some pictures.

you get to observe artists at work

this artist was using wax directly on the cloth, freehand drawing and his strokes were beautiful and neat.

learning how to use the canting

what a wonderful way to explore and express

almost completed work..

some of the completed works..

my piece of art
some completed work by artists at Jadi Batek
 Once you're done with your work, you can eat at the mamak across the road, really good food!! Then head towards the back of the mamak, and you'll find Two very huge and crowded Chocolate Outlets!! yummmm...
For more info you can check them out at http://www.jadibatek.com/.
@Flourpaint, 2011

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