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We recently organized a field trip to learn about rubber tapping and processing. It was certainly an informative and enjoyable tour. If you plan on going, do book ahead of time to reserve the buggies. Thankfully we did! With buggies, our tour took us almost 2 and a half hours. Imagine walking that and longer in the hot hot sun! We arrived by 9am, started by touring the orchard, getting off almost every stop to touch, feel and learn.

Flower from the "asam keping" tree. When the fruit is not in season, the red shoots (as seen behind flower) can be used to enhance flavour in tomyam. We bit it, and it is sour!

White or Black Pepper? Well..both come from the same fruit. When dried in hot sun, it's packed as black pepper. If soaked in water, that;s white pepper.

This was Jo's favourite part, seeing the cocoa fruit. She took a whole fruit home and has been keenly researching how to make chocolates!

A worker there tapped rubber for us to see and feel what fresh rubber feels like

Rubber being turned into sheets

And then smoked in this house

Butter Fruit

All Spice Tree
For more info and to book, you can check out the packages on their website:
Taman Warisan Pertanian

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